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A Guide to London Heathrow Airport Car Parking

Welcome to Heathrow Airport, the gateway to the United Kingdom and Europe as a whole. It is one of the largest airports in the world and it is considered the third busiest airport with about 73.4 million visitors traversing its corridors in 2014 alone. The airport has 2 runways and 4 functional terminals which host 90 global airlines and has visitors from 170 territories worldwide. With its own press unit, set of worship houses for multiple religions and extra tight security, there is a great need for parking in and around Heathrow Airport. In fact, this is the one airport in the UK that you need to book your parking space in advance.

Advantages of using Heathrow Airport Car Parking

1. There are about 55 official parking lots at the airport which means that all passengers parking needs can be met.

2. Pre booked Heathrow airport car parking is considered to be the cheaper option versus the Drive-Up Rate. This is where you pay for parking at the airport entry points which can be costly and does not guarantee a parking space.

3. Short stay parking can turn into long stay parking especially if you had booked in advance.

4. There are no hidden charges and the price you see is the price you pay.

5. You have the option to receive your parking details via mobile phone.

6. As you prepare to travel, the airport parking provider will share an airport guide, directions and other details to guide you to your parking area.

7. There are no penalties on cancellation as long as it is done 24 hours before the day.

8. Parking is always guaranteed once it is pre booked online.

9. Security in the form of CCTV cameras, patrols and frequent checks is on point.

10. The transfer services are all free of charge. At the end of the day, this is the preferred and stress-free way to ensure that your trip to and from the airport is affordable and seamless.

Types of Heathrow Airport Parking Available to Book

a) Heathrow Short Stay Parking

This is one of the closest parking options near to the airport terminals. When you want to simply pick up or drop off passengers or if you are taking a short trip, you can book a space here. What makes it a good parking space is that it is safe and convenient being so close to the terminals. This is available at terminals 2, 3 and 5 and can be booked for any amount of time. However, it is advised that stays longer than 2 hours are booked in advance online and those above 24 hours opt for the long stay parking. Short Stay parking bays are clearly marked as you drive into the airport and satellite navigation can be used for more precise locations.

b) Heathrow Long Stay Parking

If you require parking for longer than 48hrs, this is the best option for you. One great thing about Heathrow Airport parking is their is always staff on hand to offer information about the airport, terminals and parking options. All terminals have long stay parking and all of the car parks are within a short shuttle ride, these operate every 10 to 15 minutes depending on car park and are totally free to use. In terms of security, there are constant patrols, CCT surveillance, security fencing and Park Mark aware. Long Stay parking can be located as follows: Terminal 2 and 3 - located on Eastern Perimeter Road Terminal 4 - located on Southern Perimeter Road Terminal 5 - next to business parking on Northern Perimeter Road

c) Heathrow Valet Parking

This is one of the services that Heathrow Airport parking offers that is all about trouble free travelling. As a passenger, you will drive your car to the terminal drop off points, leave the car with a valet driver who will take your car to the parking area where it will stay for the duration of your trip. The day of your arrival back to Heathrow, you will find the valet and your car waiting at the drop off point. It is financially a better idea than hiring taxi services to and from the airport.

d) Heathrow Meet and Greet

This is an affordable option to valet parking and works for people who have lots of luggage or travelling companions (like small children). In this case, you will drive up to the terminal where you will be met by a professional driver who will park the car for you while you organize yourself to check in. On your return. a quick call from you once back in the arrival hall and your car will be returned to you outside. Advance booking is best for this service as it can be busy at peak periods.

e) Heathrow Business Parking

This is a version of long stay that is perfect for business passengers travelling for a few days and require a parking place close to the terminal. This is considered to be closer to the terminal than the long stay parking bays. It is available at all terminals with different terms. The Business Car Park plan is as follows: Terminal 2 & 3 - this parking operates shuttle services every 5 minutes and arrrives at the terminals in about 8 minutes. This is located on the Northern Perimeter Road. Terminal 4 - the business parking is only for those using this terminal and has 3 minute shuttle transfer times. It is located off the Southern Perimeter Road. Terminal 5 - This has shuttle services operating every 5 minutes and gets passengers to the terminal in 5 minutes. You can find this off the Northern Perimeter Road.

f) Heathrow Hotel and Parking

This is a unique service offered by the airport where you get a package deal for accommodation as well as long stay parking services. This is a step up from hotel transfer services which may not be reliable depending on your schedule. You will get a parking spot at the hotel during your stay and when it is time to fly out, you will simply drive to the long stay parking and leave your vehicle there. There is round the clock CCTV surveillance and security patrol. All hotels in this partnership are not more than 15 minutes away from the airport so convenience wins at the end of the day.

g) Motorcycle Parking

The beauty of motorcycles is that they can weave through traffic and always find a place to park. At Heathrow Airport, motorcycles have free parking at specified bays at the terminals. They are not allowed to park in the car parking lots. At terminal 2, it is located at the back of Short Stay parking 2 while terminal 3 is also behind Short Stay parking 1A/5 and can be accessed from Chester Road. At terminal 4 it is opposite the arrivals forecourt while at terminal 5 it is right next to the Short Stay parking.

How to Book your Heathrow Parking

● Visit the Heathrow Airport Parking option at the top of the page.

● Select the arrival date and arrival time as required.

● Select the return date and return time.

● Select "Search" to receive all the parking options and prices at your chosen airport.

● Once you have booked your airport car parking you will receive confirmation of your booking and directions to the airport and car park.

● Postcode for Terminal 1 TW6 1AP

● Postcode for Terminal 2 TW6 1EW

● Postcode for Terminal 3 TW6 1QG

● Postcode for Terminal 4 TW6 3XA

● Postcode for Terminal 5 TW6 2GA

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