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Parking Options Available at Bournemouth Airport

Embarking on air travel always comes with many uncertainties that you need to take care of before boarding a flight. One of these uncertainties is securing a parking space for your car. Getting a secure and convenient car park can be a bit of a problem, But don’t worry anymore! Travelling via Bournemouth Airport has always been easy with the car park options offered by the airport. They are affordable and secure 24-hours a day and you can choose to pre-book (preferred) or pay on the day of travel. There are various car park options available to you at Bournemouth Airport.

Securing a Car Parking Space at Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport has various car park options which can be booked in advance while others you can pay for on the particular day. The car park options include standard parking, flexible parking, meet and greet and the VIP parking. They are designed to suit commuter needs for an affordable and convenient parking space.

Standard parking is located close to the terminal building. Passengers can pre-book the standard parking space or just turn up and park on the travel day (not recommended as spaces fill quickly). However, pre-booking always gives you the assurance of a parking space. If you want to park at the standard parking space, you should follow signs for park 1 while if you have already pre-booked, follow the green lane down to the car park.

One of the other parking options available is the flexible airport parking which is available for pre-booking only. As the name suggests, you can amend your booking in case your plans change. This option is ideal if you are travelling on business and your travel plans can change anytime.

Bournemouth Airport also offers a VIP parking. The VIP parking is located just outside the terminal building and it has larger parking bays. This parking is ideal when travelling with small children or when you have heavy bags due to its close proximity to the terminal. The parking spaces are bigger than the standard spaces, often leaving space between cars. Passengers booking this parking also enjoy two hot drinks at Joes cafe or Olive Tree restaurant. This parking is only available for pre-booking.

The last option is the Meet and Greet parking. This parking is located directly outside the terminal building and passengers opting for this option just need to walk in the terminal building. Enjoy the luxury associated with this parking by dropping your car outside the terminal and letting the staff do the parking for you. On your return, your car will be waiting nearby, and you will just get in and drive home.

Security at Bournemouth Airport Car Parks

There is enhanced security 24-hours a day to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Security patrols are conducted throughout the day. In addition, the airport has installed various security controls in and out of the car parks.

Directions to Bournemouth Airport Car Parking

Bournemouth Airport is located approximately 4 miles North East of Bournemouth City. There are enough sign posts on the roads leading to the airport to guide drivers. Follow the A338 to the B3073 right to the airport, you can also key in the following coordinates into your sat nav for directions to the car parks: N50.77804 W 1.831712. If you are driving to the airport in your own car, you will find ample parking space at the short stay and long stay car parks depending on your length of stay. Bournemouth Airport postcode is BH23 6SE.

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